DevOps - 3 pillars

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practicies, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Regarding culture and some aspects of practicies it’s difficult to work on that by ourselves, but some of the practicies like continous integraton and espacially tools we can develop in our free time, outside organization.



While thinking about self-development & DevOps, I have created by own DevOps skills list. It’s not hardcoded list, engradev in stones - it’s very subjective and fluent, because I love experimenting, touching new techologies, trying new tools and playing of then, sometimes creating repositories with code.


Here is some list of repositories, which are strictly connected with DevOps skills:

Manning liveProject

The last thing, which I want to present, is Manning liveProject - as we know the best way to learn is by doing and this is goal of each liveProject. In last few weeks I was active reviewer (beta tester) of 4 project:

  • Model and Run Apps in Kubernetes
  • Prepare Apps for Production
  • Automate Deployments
  • Centralized Management

As beta tester it’s important, that you have to give feedback about course, fill some forms with your opininions, but nevertheless it gives a lot of oportunity to learn new things in practice.